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From Michael Ryan <>
Subject RE: Interesting edismax/qs bug in Solr 3.5
Date Mon, 23 Sep 2013 04:32:13 GMT
Sounds like (issue seems to be fixed but
still shows as open).


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From: Arcadius Ahouansou [] 
Sent: Sunday, September 22, 2013 11:15 PM
To: solr-user
Subject: Interesting edismax/qs bug in Solr 3.5

We have been seeing a strange bug in our prod Solr 3.5.

I went to download a fresh copy of Solr3.5, with default schema  and indexed (curl or post.jar)
the following 2 docs

      "title":"One Earth"
      "title":"One Love One Earth"


I could browse and see the docs in solr.

However, when I do:
/solr/select?q="One Love One Earth"&qf=title&qs=2&defType=edismax&pf=title

I get nothing back.
when I change qs=4 in the query, then I see the expected doc2.
debugQuery=true does not reveal anything.

- I have noticed that when I reverse the order of the documents in the input file i.e doc2
first, then doc1 , and do the  indexing (using curl or post.jar), the the query above works
and return doc2 as expected.
- Same when I index only doc2 (doc1 not indexed).

I tested solr3.6.2  and 4.4.0 and I can confirm they are not affected by this issue.

I looked at the change logs for 3.6.2 and jira but could not find any trace of this problem.

Any pointer to the ticket that addressed this issue will be appreciated.

Thank you very much.

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