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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Percolate feature?
Date Tue, 06 Aug 2013 02:02:08 GMT

: Subject: Percolate feature?

can you give a more concrete, realistic example of what you are trying to 
do? your synthetic hypothetical example is kind of hard to make sense of.

your Subject line and comment that the "percolate" feature of elastic 
search sounds like what you want seems to have some lead people down a 
path of assuming you want to run these types of queries as documents are 
indexed -- but that isn't at all clear to me from the way you worded your 
question other then that.

it's also not clear what aspect of the "results" you really care about -- 
are you only looking for the *number* of documents that "match" according 
to your concept of matching, or are you looking for a list of matches?  
what multiple documents have all of their terms in the query string -- how 
should they score relative to eachother?  what if a document contains the 
same term multiple times, do you expect it to be a match of a query only 
if that term appears in the query multiple times as well?  do you care 
about hte ordering of the terms in the query? the ordering of hte terms in 
the document?

Ideally: describe for us what you wnat to do, w/o assuming 
solr/elasticsearch/anything specific about the implementation -- just 
describe your actual use case for us, with several real document/query 
XY Problem

Your question appears to be an "XY Problem" ... that is: you are dealing
with "X", you are assuming "Y" will help you, and you are asking about "Y"
without giving more details about the "X" so that we can understand the
full issue.  Perhaps the best solution doesn't involve "Y" at all?
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