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From Атанас Атанасов <>
Subject Newbie SOLR question
Date Wed, 28 Aug 2013 08:14:25 GMT

My name is Atanas Atanasov, I'm using SOLR 1.4/3.5/4.3 for an year and a
half and I'm really satisfied of what it provides. Searching and indexing
are extremely fast, it is easy to work with.
However I ran into a small problem and I can't figure it out.
I'm using SOLR to store the content/text of different types of
documents(.pdf, .txt, .doc, etc.).
The whole document content represents a SOLR record(all the text from all
pages of the document).
schema.xml is in SOLR_Document_Level folder of attached .zip file.
This worked absolutely fine but I wanted to see the exact page/pages of a
document where the search match is/are.

I redesigned it so that every page of a document is a row in the SOLR
database (schema.xml is in SOLR_Page_Level folder of attached .zip file.)
and it works good but this resulted in the following problem:
Example: I search for (lucene AND apache). If both words are on the same
page I will get a hit and
result will be returned. However If the words are on different pages of a
document no results will be found.
My goal is to find out the exact page of a document where the match is.
Dynamic fields would solve this problem but there are very big documents
with many pages so I don't think this is a solution.
Can you help me with some ideas on how to make it work?

Just for information. I am using SOLR as a REST service hosted in Apache
and a .NET application to work with it.
If you have questions please feel free to ask.

Thanks in advance and Best Regards,
Atanas Atanasov

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