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From Dotan Cohen <>
Subject Re: How to improve the Solr "OR" query performance
Date Wed, 03 Jul 2013 11:14:43 GMT
On Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 6:48 AM, huasanyelao <> wrote:
> Nowdays, I've got a urgent task to improve the "OR" query performance with solr.
> I have deployed 9 shards with solr-cloud in two server(each server : 16 cores, 32G RAM).
> The total document count: 60,000,000, total index size : 9G.
> According to the requirement, I have to use the "OR" query to get results.
> The average number of query terms is about 15.
> The response time for "OR" query is around 1-2seconds(the "AND" query is just about 30ms-40ms
> Our target : promote 50%, that is, at most 500ms-1s per query.
> The document will soar to 80,000,000, however, the performance should keep in 500ms-1s
> Any advise or approach is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

What size documents? I've currently got stats like this, only a few
more documents but 5s searches on 15 ORs:
<lst name="responseHeader"><int name="status">0</int><int
name="QTime">5604</int><lst name="params"><str name="q">love OR hate
OR beer OR sex OR peace OR war OR up OR down OR this OR that OR left
OR right OR north OR south OR east OR west</str></lst></lst>
<result name="response" numFound="22495012" start="0">

My index currently has 77461952 documents, most under 1 KiB each but
upwards of ten fields.

Dotan Cohen

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