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From dmarini <>
Subject Re: Searching w/explicit Multi-Word Synonym Expansion
Date Wed, 17 Jul 2013 18:03:54 GMT

As a developer, I understand where you are coming from. My issue is that I
specialize in .NET, haven't done java dev in over 10 years. As an
organization we're new to solr (coming from endeca) and we're looking to use
it more across the organization, so for us, we are looking to do the classic
time/payoff justification for most features that are causing a bit of
friction. I have seen custom query parsers that are out there that seem like
they will do what we're looking to do, but I worry that they might fix a
custom case and not necessarily work for us. 

Also, Roman, are you suggesting that I can have an indexed document titled
"hubble telescope" and as long as I separate multi-word synonyms with the
null character \0 in the synonyms.txt file the query expansion will just
work? if so, that would suffice for our needs.. can you elaborate or will
the query parser still foil the system. I ask because I've seen instances
where I can use the admin analysis tool against a custom field type to
expand a multi-word synonym where it appears it's expanding the terms
properly but when I run a search against it using the actual handler, it
doesn't behave the same way and the debugQuery shows that indeed it split my
term and did not expand it.


Is there a link where I can read more about the LucidWorks search parser and
how we can perchance tie into that so I can test to see if it yields better

Thanks again for the help and suggestions. As an organization, we've learned
much of solr since we started in 4.1 (especially with the cloud). The devs
are doing phenomenal work and my query is really meant more as confirmation
that I'm taking the correct approach than to beg for a specific feature :)


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