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From Dotan Cohen <>
Subject Receiving unexpected Faceting results.
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2013 12:27:17 GMT
Consider the following Solr query:

The 'tags' field is a multivalue field. I would expect the previous
query to return only tags that begin with the string 'dotan-' such as:
...but not strings which do not begin with (or even contain) the
string in question.

However, I am getting these results:
<lst name="discoapi_tags">
    <int name="dotan-home">14</int>
    <int name="dotan-work">13</int>
    <int name="beer">0</int>
    <int name="beatles">0</int>

It _may_ be that the 'beer' and 'beatles' tags were once attached to
the same documents as are attached the 'dotan-home' and/or
'dotan-work'. I've done a bit of experimenting on this Solr install,
so I cannot be sure. However, considering that they are in fact 0
results for those two, I would not expect them to show up at all, even
if they ever were attached to (i.e. once a value in the multiValue
field) any of the results that match the filter query.

So, the questions are:
1) How can I check if ever the multiValue fields for a particular
document (given its uniqueKey id) ever contains a specific value.
Alternatively, how can I see all the values that the document ever had
for the field. I don't expect this to actually be possible, but I ask
if it is, i.e. by examining certain aspects of the Solr index with a
text editor.

2) If those spurious results are appearing does that mean necessarily
that those values for the multivalued field were in fact once in the
multivalued field for documents matching the filter query? Thus, the
answer to the previous question would be to simply run a query for the
id of the document in question, and facet on the multivalued field
with a large limit.

3) How to have Solr return only those faceting values for the field
that in fact begin with 'dotan-', even if a document has other tags
such as 'beatles'?

4) How to have Solr return only those faceting values which are larger than 0?

Thank you!

Dotan Cohen

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