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From Stavros Delisavas <>
Subject Re: data-import problem
Date Thu, 06 Jun 2013 16:24:35 GMT
It's surprising to me that all tables have to have a relationship in 
order to be used in solr. What if I have two indipendent projects 
running on the same webserver? I would not be able to use Solr for both 
of them, really? That would be very dissappointing...

Anyway, luckily there is an indirect relationship between the two tables 
but there is an "N to N" relationship with a thrid table in between. The 
full join in MySQL would be something like this:

SELECT (,, title.title,,
FROM name, title, cast
WHERE = cast.movie_id
AND cast.person_id =

But this will definatly lead to multiple entries of and 
title.title because they are connected with an N-to-N relationship. So 
the resulting table would not have unique keys either!! Nor or There is another id available which could be used as a 
unique id, but its a completly useless and irrelevant id which has no 
connection/relation to anything else at all. So there is no real use for 
it to include it, unless Solr really needs a unique id.

I am still a noob with Solr. Can you please help me to adapt the given 
Join to the xml-syntax for my data-config.xml?
That would be very great!

Am 06.06.2013 17:58, schrieb bbarani:
> The below error clearly says that you have declared a unique id but that
> unique id is missing for some documents.
> org.apache.solr.common.SolrException: [doc=null] missing required field:
> nameid
> This is mainly because you are just trying to import 2 tables in to a
> document without any relationship between the data of 2 tables.
> table 1 has the nameid (unique key) but table 2 has to be joined with table
> 1 to form a relationship between the 2 tables. You can't just dump the value
> since table 2 might have more values than table1 (but table1 has the unique
> id).
> I am not sure of your table structure, I am assuming that there is a key
> (ex: nameid in title table) that can be used to join name and title table.
> Try something like this..
>    <document>
>      <entity name="name" query="SELECT id, name FROM name LIMIT 10">
>          <field column="id" name="nameid" />
>          <field column="name" name="name" />
>      </entity>
> *    <entity name="title" query="SELECT id, title FROM title where
> nameid=${}">
> *        <field column="id" name="titleid" />
>          <field column="title" name="title" />
>      </entity>
>    </document>
> </dataConfig>
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