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From Constantin Wolber <>
Subject AW: DataImportHandler: Problems with delta-import and CachedSqlEntityProcessor
Date Fri, 21 Jun 2013 11:34:33 GMT

thanks for the other ideas. 

I worked around the problem with the idea of Paul Noble. This is working really fine for me
right now. My full-import is at around 40 minutes and my delta-import runs in less than 10
seconds, because it runs every minute. So that configuration seems to be pretty optimal for
my set up. 

Idea 1: 
Will try it out some time soon

Tried that one. But that slows down the full-import in my case too. One table I use the cache
for has more rows than the root entities table. So it has multiple rows per row of the root
entity. So a cache that is being build up during the import does not help here since caches
rows are only used once. The only benefit I have from the cache is through the prefilling.
The prefilling is a lot faster than reading the rows on demand. 

Probably would also be slower than the current configuration since the prefilling takes around
2 minutes. Since my delta-import currently runs every minute that would not make sense. 

Thanks and Regards


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Von: Dyer, James [] 
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 20. Juni 2013 18:51
Betreff: RE: DataImportHandler: Problems with delta-import and CachedSqlEntityProcessor

Instead of specifying CachedSqlEntityProcessor, you can specify SqlEntityProcessor with "cacheImpl='SortedMapBackedCache'".
 If you parametertize this, to have "SortedMapBackedCache" for full updates but blank for
deltas I think it will cache only on the full import.

Another option is to parameterize the child queries with a "where" clause, so if it is creating
a new cache with every row, the cache will only contain the data needed for that child row.

A third option is to do your delta imports like described here:
My experience is that this generally performs better than using the delta import feature anyhow.
 The trick is on handling deletes, which will require its own entity and the $deleteDocById
command.  See

But these are all workarounds.  This sounds like a bug or some subtle configuration problem.
 I looked through the JIRA issues and did not see anything like this reported yet, but if
you're pretty sure you are doing everything correctly you may want to open a bug ticket. 
Be sure to flag it as "contrib - Dataimporthandler".

James Dyer
Ingram Content Group
(615) 213-4311

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From: Constantin Wolber [] 
Sent: Thursday, June 20, 2013 3:21 AM
Subject: DataImportHandler: Problems with delta-import and CachedSqlEntityProcessor


i searched for a solution for quite some time but did not manage to find some real hints on
how to fix it. 

I'm using solr 4.3.0 1477023 - simonw - 2013-04-29 15:10:12 running in a tomcat 6 container.

My data import setup is basically the following:


	query="SELECT * FROM article"
	deltaQuery="SELECT myownid FROM articleHistory WHERE modified_date &gt; '${dih.last_index_time}
	deltaImportQuery="SELECT * FROM article WHERE myownid=${}"
	<field column="myownid" name="id"/>

		query="SELECT * FROM supplier WHERE status=1"


Ok now for the problem: 

At first I tried everything without the Cache. But the full-import took a very long time.
Because the attributes query is pretty slow compared to the rest. As a result I got a processing
speed of around 150 Documents/s.
When switching everything to the CachedSqlEntityProcessor the full import processed at the
speed of 4000 Documents/s

So full import is running quite fine. Now I wanted to use the delta import. When running the
delta import I was expecting the ramp up time to be about the same as in full import since
I need to load the whole table supplier and attributes to the cache in the first step. But
when looking into the log file the weird thing is solr seems to refresh the Cache for every
single document that is processed. So currently my delta-import is a lot slower than the full-import.
I even tried to add the deltaImportQuery parameter to the entity but it doesn't change the
behavior at all (of course I know it is not supposed to change anything in the setup I run).

The following solutions would be possible in my opinion: 

1. Is there any way to tell the config to ignore the Cache when running a delta import? That
would help already because we are talking about the maximum of 500 documents changed in 15
minutes compared to over 5 million documents in total. 
2. Get solr to not refresh the cash for every document. 

Best Regards

Constantin Wolber

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