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From Shreejay Nair <>
Subject Re: replication without automated polling, just manual trigger?
Date Wed, 15 May 2013 21:56:59 GMT
You can disable polling so that the slave never polls the Master(In Solr
4.3 you can disable it from the Admin interface). . And you can trigger a
replication using the HTTP API or again, use the
Admin interface to trigger a manual replication.

On Wed, May 15, 2013 at 12:47 PM, Jonathan Rochkind <>wrote:

> I want to set up Solr replication between a master and slave, where no
> automatic polling every X minutes happens, instead the slave only
> replicates on command. [1]
> So the basic question is: What's the best way to do that? But I'll provide
> what I've been doing etc., for anyone interested.
> Until recently, my appliation was running on Solr 1.4.  I had a setup that
> was working to accomplish this in Solr 1.4, but as I work on moving it to
> Solr 4.3, it's unclear to me if it can/will work the same way.
> In Solr 1.4, on slave,  I supplied a masterUrl, but did NOT supply any
> pollInterval at all on slave.  I did NOT supply an "enable"
> "false" in slave, because I think that would have prevented even manual
> replication.
> This seemed to result in the slave never polling, although I'm not sure if
> that was just an accident of Solr implementation or not.  Can anyone say if
> the same thing would happen in Solr 4.3?  If I look at the admin screen for
> my slave set up this way in Solr 4.3, it does say "polling enabled", but I
> realize that doesn't neccesarily mean any polling will take place, since
> I've set no pollInterval.
> In Solr 1.4 under this setup, I could go to the slave's admin/replication,
> and there was a "replicate now" button that I could use for manually
> triggered replication.  This button seems to no longer be there in 4.3
> replication admin screen, although I suppose I could still, somewhat less
> conveniently, issue a `replication?command=**fetchindex` to the slave, to
> manually trigger a replication?
> Thanks for any advice or ideas.
> [1]: Why, you ask?  The master is actually my 'indexing' server. Due to
> business needs, indexing only happens in bulk/mass indexing, and only
> happens periodically -- sometimes nightly, sometimes less. So I index on
> master, at a periodic schedule, and then when indexing is complete and
> verified, tell slave to replicate.  I don't want slave accidentally
> replicating in the middle of the bulk indexing process either, when the
> index might be in an unfinished state.

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