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From "Van Tassell, Kristian" <>
Subject RE: Confusion over Solr highlight hl.q parameter
Date Tue, 02 Apr 2013 20:27:22 GMT
Thanks Koji, this helped with some of our problems, but it is still not perfect.

This query, for example, returns no highlighting:


But this one does (when it is, in effect, the same query):


I've tried many combinations but can't seem to get the right one to work. Is this possibly
a bug? 

-----Original Message-----
From: Koji Sekiguchi [] 
Sent: Saturday, March 16, 2013 6:14 PM
Subject: Re: Confusion over Solr highlight hl.q parameter

(13/03/16 4:08), Van Tassell, Kristian wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> If I search for a term “baz” and tell it to highlight it, it highlights just fine.
> If, however, I search for “foo bar” using the q parameter, which appears in that
same document/same field, and use the hl.q parameter to search and highlight “baz”, I
get no highlighting results for “baz”.
> ?q=パーツにおける機能強化
> &qf=text_ja_JP
> &defType=edismax
> &hl=true
> &hl.simple.pre=<em>
> &</em>
> &hl.fl=text_ja_JP
> The above highlights query term just fine.
> ?q=1234
> &hl.q=パーツにおける機能強化
> &qf=id
> &defType=edismax
> &hl=true
> &hl.simple.pre=<em>
> &</em>
> &hl.fl=text_ja_JP
> This one returns zero highlighting hits.

I'm just guessing, Solr highlighter tries to highlight "パーツにおける機能強化"
in your default search field? Can you try hl.q=text_ja_JP:パーツにおける機能強化


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