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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: Pros and cons of using RAID or different RAIDS?
Date Mon, 22 Apr 2013 00:04:09 GMT
On 4/21/2013 4:23 PM, Furkan KAMACI wrote:
> When I read documentation about Hbase it says RAID is not recommended for
> many cases. When we talk about SolrCloud (and consider that if a machine
> goes down there is a failure system via replicas) and when we think about
> the purposes of different RAID disks:
> do they true ->
> using RAID systems for:
> * *fault tolerance*: does not make sense because there is already a
> mechanism at SolrCloud and instead of using my disks for such kind of RAID
> purpose I can use that disk at somewhere else for a replica?
> * *read and write performance:* I should select a RAID version for
> considering about a good performance of read/write.
> All in all maybe I should consider about Non-RAID drive architectures as
> like JBOD?
> What do you guys think about not considering RAID versions which has good
> fault tolerance but considering read/write performance and maybe
> considering about Non-RAID drive architectures?

I never build a server without at least RAID1.  I figure the cost of an
extra disk is more than worth the time and hassle involved in the
initial setup of the server, so that I don't have to reinstall
everything when a disk fails.

If you have a lot of servers in your SolrCloud cluster and you've worked
out a way to build a new one extremely quickly, then JBOD might be a
good solution.  The I/O performance of an individual server will not be
as high as it would be with RAID10, but you may see good performance
from the cluster as a whole, especially if each node has plenty of RAM.

Aside from cost, the main reason that I have not seriously investigated
SSD drives is because I have not come across a solution for any level of
RAID (even RAID1) with SSDs that exposes TRIM to the operating system.
Without reliable TRIM support, an SSD solution is not viable for a
long-term setup.


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