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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: Upgrade Solr3.5 to Solr4.1 - Index Reformat ?
Date Wed, 03 Apr 2013 16:14:50 GMT
On 4/1/2013 12:19 PM, feroz_kh wrote:
> Hi Shawn,
> I tried optimizing using this command...
> curl
> 'http://localhost:XXXX/solr/update?optimize=true&maxSegments=10&waitFlush=true'
> And i got this response within secs...
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
> <response>
> <lst name="responseHeader"><int name="status">0</int><int
> name="QTime">840</int></lst>
> </response>
> Is this a valid response that one should get ?
> I checked the statistics link from  /solr/admin page and it shows the number
> segments got updated.
> Would this be a good indication that optimization is complete ?
> At the same time - I even noticed the number of files in data/index
> directory hasn't reduced & all files are not updated.
> Since it took just couple of secs for the response(even with waitFlush=true)
> - i am doubting if optimization really happened , but details on statistics
> page shows me correct number of segments.

That looks like a valid success response.  An optimize in Solr defaults
to one segment.  You asked it to do ten segments.  Either you already
had less than 10 segments, or it was able to find some very small
segments to merge in order to get below 10.

When you are optimizing in order to upgrade the index format, you should
leave maxSegments off or set it to 1.


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