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From skmirch <>
Subject RE: Solr Multiword Search
Date Wed, 03 Apr 2013 22:28:35 GMT
Hi James,

Thanks for the information you have provided.  I tried your suggestion and
it helped a lot.  However, as close as this seems to what I want, I still
need for it to match the exact phrases that closely match my search words.  
So while I am now using the search words in q and also spellcheck.q (which I
believe starts to play a role only if there are no matches with the phrase
entered and has to provide collations), and it not only finds "Charlie and
the Chocolate Factory", it also finds any title that contains factory or
charles in it (just like you mentioned it would).  

I also tried your suggestion of spellcheck.alternativeTermCount and set it
to 5 (>0) in my solrconfig.xml and this still did the same thing.  I am not
using queryConverter at all any more, thanks for that suggestion.  

I still need it to find the closest match for the phrase that it finds in
title.  My query now is:
The results are anything that matches charles, and the factory and so I get
lots of matches (bad for performance).  If I group the above query on the
content type, it ends up producing bogus results in categories that don't
have a title evenly remotely close to "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".

Can this work somehow?  If it finds a doc that has low score, just not
provide it in the results.  Is there a way to use a certain score threshold
and only present things that are above this threshold from the terms matched
perspective?  I am getting a lot of matches for "and the" just because that
is in the phrase being searched.  I know I can make them stopwords so that
they are ignored.   Suggestion should be closest matches and nothing more. 
Can this be done?

Appreciate your help.
-- Sandeep

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