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From Fredrik Rødland <>
Subject Re: Trouble with phrase-queries on fields with omitTermFreqAndPositions (upgrading from 3.6.X to 4.1)
Date Wed, 06 Mar 2013 08:04:42 GMT
Thanks again for replying and giving insight to this, Jack.  Your two links were exactly the
answer I was hoping for going forward.

5. mars 2013 kl. 14:12 skrev Jack Krupansky <>:

> See:
> Maybe Uwe could comment on his change.
> I suppose you could say that it was a "feature" that the error was previously "silently
ignored", but that would be a matter of debate. The simple fact is that you are asking a module
to do something that it cannot do for the supplied index data.

I agree that this is a matter of debate, and have no trouble seeing the arguments for not
silently ignoring this.  I feel however that this could potential break stuff and should be
signaled.  Having dug around on nibble & google without finding anything made me a bit

> You might want to propose that the query parsers avoid the exception, possibly as an
option, if a phrase if attempted against a non-position field, which can happen easily when
fields are listed in "qf", "pf", et al. Years ago when I stumbled into this change I simply
generated a boolean query for the phrase if the field did not have position info.

I'm curious - how did you do this?  Be re-writing the query on the client side, or is there
a neat trick I've missed on how to this automagically?

> There does appear to be an open Solr issue that may cover this: SOLR-2660 - omitPositions

I see Jan already commented on the issue linking to this discussion, so I guess we can continue
any debate there.

> Maybe that's one difference between Lucene and Solr - Lucene is a precision library for
experts, while Solr is attempting to provide a search box for casual users where getting some
results I better even if the price is less precision - or at least provide options to choose
degrees of precision.

Spot on.

Thanks again.


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