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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Introducing Solrstrap: A blazing fast tool for querying Solr in a Googleish fashion
Date Sun, 17 Feb 2013 11:43:19 GMT
Fergie -


I was able to get this working on a Solr 4.1 "example" instance following these steps:

  * Adjusting SERVERROOT in bootstrap/js/solrstrap.js to http://localhost:8983/solr/collection1/select/
  * Changed line #38 in the same file to this:

            rs.append(hitTemplate({title:[i].name, text:[i].text}));

Just changing ".title" to ".name" since Solr's exampledocs/*.xml files use "name" not "title".

I like projects like this, making it really point and click easy to see and work with Solr.
 I'll just point out the important caveat that you mention, that it's "Designed for "open"
solr instances" and "needs clear access to /select", as this is something easy to overlook
at first (beautiful) glance and think we can just go to production without taking the necessary
other steps to prevent Solr from being exposed directly.

This is a nice start to a fun way to get started with Solr.

A few questions:

What would it take to get the full document object passed into the hit template?  And what
would that hit template then look like?  (navigating say a "doc" object in the template rather
than each field being passed explicitly)

Right now it's called from the above line of code (is hitTemplate() mapping to the id="hit-template"
in solrstramp.html part of handlebars magic?  Or is this explicit somewhere?)

Here's the current hit template:

    <script id="hit-template" type="text/x-handlebars-template">
    <div class="entry">

And finally... GPL?! ewww, why?! (-1)  :)

Well played, Fergus!


On Feb 17, 2013, at 05:35 , Fergus McDowall wrote:

> Solrstrap is a very basic Query-Result interface for Solr. Solrstrap is intended to be
a starting point for those building web interfaces that talk to Solr, or a very lightweight
admin tool for querying Solr in a Googleish fashion.
> Cool things about Solrstrap:
>    * Requires only local installation- easy to set up
>    * Access to all Bootstrap functionality. Can be easily extended in a Bootstrappy way.
>    * Blazing fast
>    * Uses less bandwidth
> Use it as you see fit. Merciless criticism and fawning praise equally welcome.
> See
> and
> Fergus

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