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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Sorting on mutivalued fields still impossible?
Date Mon, 07 Jan 2013 19:04:51 GMT

: My question is, why do i need two redundant fields to sort a multivalued field
: ('date_max' and 'date_min' for 'date')
: For me it's just a waste of space, poisoning the fieldcache.

how does two fields "poion the fieldcache" ? ... if there was a function 
that could find the "min" or "max" value of a multi-valued field, it would 
need to construct an UInvertedField of all N of the field values of each 
doc in order to find the min/max at query time -- by pre-computing a 
min_field and max_field at indexing time you only need FieldCache's for 
those 2 fields (where 2 <= N, and N may be very big)

Generall speaking: most solr use cases are willing to pay a slightly 
higher indexing "cost" (time/cpu) to have faster searches -- which answers 
your earlier question...

>> Now four month's later i still wounder, why there is no pluginable 
>> function to map multivalued fields into a single value.

...because no one has written/contributed these functions (because most 
people would rather pay that cost at indexing time)


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