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From Bernd Fehling <>
Subject Re: Out Of Memory =( Too many cores on one server?
Date Fri, 16 Nov 2012 09:15:56 GMT
I guess you should give JVM more memory.

When starting to find a good value for -Xmx I "oversized" and  set
it to Xmx20G and Xms20G. Then I monitored the system and saw that JVM is
between 5G and 10G (java7 with G1 GC).
Now it is finally set to Xmx11G and Xms11G for my system with 1 core and 38 million docs.
But JVM memory depends pretty much on number of fields in schema.xml
and fieldCache (sortable fields).


Am 16.11.2012 09:29, schrieb stockii:
> Hello.
> if my server is running for a while i get some OOM Problems. I think the
> problem is, that i running to many cores on one Server with too many
> documents.
> this is my server concept:
> 14 cores. 
> 1 with 30 million docs
> 1 with 22 million docs
> 1 with growing 25 million docs
> 1 with 67 million docs
> and the other cores are under 1 million docs.
> all these cores are running fine in one jetty and searching is very fast and
> we are satisfied with this.
> yesterday we got OOM. 
> Do you think that we should "outsource" the big cores into another virtual
> instance of the server? so that the JVM not share the memory and going OOM?
> starting with: MEMORY_OPTIONS="-Xmx6g -Xms2G -Xmn1G"

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