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From Amit Nithian <>
Subject PostFilters, Grouping, Sorting Oh My!
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2012 17:19:40 GMT
Hi all,

I've been working with using Solr's post filters/delegate collectors
to collect some statistics about the scores of all the documents and
had a few questions with regards to this when combined with grouping
and sorting:
1) I noticed that if I don't include the "score" field as part of the
sort spec with *no* grouping enabled, my custom delegate scorer gets
called so I can then collect the stats I need. Same is true with score
as part of the sort spec (this then leads me to focus on the grouping
2) If I turn ON grouping:
  a) WITH "score" in the sort spec, my custom delegate scorer gets called
  b) WITHOUT "score" in the sort spec, my custom delegate scorer does
NOT get called.

What's interesting though is that there *are* scores generated so I'm
not sure what all is going on. I traced through the code and saw that
the scorer gets called as part of one of the comparators
(RelevanceComparator) which is why with "score" in the sort spec it
works but that is about as far as I could go. Since I am not too
worried in my application about a sort spec without the score always
being there it's not a huge concern; however, I do want to understand
why with the grouping feature enabled, this doesn't work and whether
or not it's a bug.

Any help on this would be appreciated so that my solution to this
problem is complete.


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