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From Jason Huang <>
Subject SolrCloud AutoSharding?
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2012 16:02:37 GMT

I am exploring SolrCloud and have a few questions about SolrCloud's
auto-sharding functionality. I couldn't find any good answer from my
online search - if anyone knows the answer to these questions or can
point me to the right document, that would be great!

(1) Does SolrCloud offer auto-sharding functionality? If we
continuously feed documents to a single index, eventually the shard
will grow to a huge size and the query will be slow. How does
SolrCloud handle this situation?

(2) If SolrCloud auto-splits a big shard to two small shards, then
shard 1 will have part of the index and shard 2 will have some other
part of index. Is this correct? If so, when we perform a query, do we
need to go through both shards in order to get a good response? Will
this be slow (because we need to go through two shards, or more shards
later if we need to split the shards again when the size is too big)?



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