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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Accidental multivalued fields?
Date Fri, 14 Sep 2012 17:56:40 GMT

: Greetings.  I am using Solr 3.4.0 with tomcat 7.0.22.  I've been using
: these versions successfully for a while, but on my latest project, I cannot
: sort ANY field without getting this exception:
: SEVERE: org.apache.solr.common.SolrException: can not sort on multivalued


: The thing is, I have only one multivalued field in my schema, at least, I
: thought so.  I even tried sorting on id, which is the unique key, and got
: the same error.  Here are the fields in my schema:

a) multiValued can be set on fieldType and is then inherited by the fields

b) Check the "version" property on your <schema/> tag.  If the value is 
"1.0" then all fields are assumed to be multiValued.

Here's the comment from the example schema included with Solr 3.4...

<schema name="example" version="1.4">
  <!-- attribute "name" is the name of this schema and is only used for display purposes.
       Applications should change this to reflect the nature of the search collection.
       version="1.4" is Solr's version number for the schema syntax and semantics.  It should
       not normally be changed by applications.
       1.0: multiValued attribute did not exist, all fields are multiValued by nature
       1.1: multiValued attribute introduced, false by default 
       1.2: omitTermFreqAndPositions attribute introduced, true by default except for text
       1.3: removed optional field compress feature
       1.4: default auto-phrase (QueryParser feature) to off


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