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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Facet Sort by Index, missing indexes
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2012 15:57:07 GMT

: I did the query twice, once with the sorting and once without the sort:
: 1.  Without f.a.facet.sort=index : I have all l1, l2, l3 in count order 
: (all l1, l2, and l3 facets have counts on them)
: 2.  With f.a.facet.sort=index : The facet is sorted accordingly 
: "l1:..","l2:.." but "l3" facets are completely missing

first off: terminology clariication.  It sounds like in your case you have 
a "field" named "a" and you are using that field as a "field facet". 
 within the field "a" you have "terms" like l1, l2, l3, etc...  when you 
facet on a field, the terms are each treated as a "constraint" and you get 
a "constraint count" (or "facet count") for each term.

Having said that: it sounds like what you are describing is that some 
"constraints" are missing from the list when you use facet.sort=index (ie: 
when the constraints are in "index" order)

Is your example real? ie: are the terms really "l1", "l2", and "l3" or are 
those just hypothetical examples?  how many terms do you see in the 
response? - because by default a max of 100 constraints are returned...

It would help if you could provide a full, real example of the request you 
are attempting (with all params) and the actaul response you get back - if 
things appaer to be working with facet.sort=count, but not with 
facet.sort=index, then please show us both requests+responses so we can 


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