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From Jonatan Fournier <>
Subject Re: Index not loading
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2012 15:03:34 GMT
Hi Erick,

On Tue, Aug 14, 2012 at 10:25 AM, Erick Erickson
<> wrote:
> This is quite odd, it really sounds like you're not
> actually committing. So, some questions.
> 1> What happens if you search before you shut
> down your tomcat? Do you see docs then? If so,
> somehow you're doing soft commits and never
> doing a hard commit.

No I'm not seeing any documents if I do search for anything. Like
mentioned above, Num and Max docs are 0.

Like I mentioned below, my index files are not deleted when I
start/restart tomcat, but when within tomcat I send a commit/optimize

On thing I noticed that was different in the log output from the
embedded server was that when I use the solrconfig.xml autoCommit,
after the delay I see some stdout message about commiting to the
index. But when relying on the commitWithin, I never see the solr
server output freeze for a moment while commiting, I only see all my
add document stdout message. Should the behavior be the same? Or the
commit messages pass by so fast I don't see them?

It must be trying to do some kind of commit/merge, because when I was
monitoring the memory I could see periodic memory increase (when I
assumed it was merging) then memory decreased until the next delay...

> 2> What happens if, as the last statement in your SolrJ
> program you do a commit()?

Let me try that and come back to you, for now here's the commands I
was using in the 3 test scenarios:

SolrInputDocument doc = new SolrInputDocument();
solrDoc.addField("id", someId);
server.add(doc); // In the case I have either autoCommit
<maxTime>60000</maxTime> enabled in the solrconfig.xml or
// Both scenarios works, in those 2 cases when I shutdown my
embeddedserver and restart tomcat I have all my data indexed/commited


server.add(doc, 60000) // In the case I don't have autoCommit enabled,
try to rely on commitWithin param.

> 3> While you're indexing, what do you see in your index
> directory? You should see multiple segments being
> created, and possibly merged so the number of
> files should go up and down. If you only have a single
> set of files, you're somehow not doing a commit.

No I do see a bunch of files being created/merged, at the end I had a
bout 89G in many many files.

Another thing I was playing around when trying to use the commitWithin
is to change the <useCompoundFile>true</useCompoundFile> and
<mergeFactor>10</mergeFactor> to reduce the number of files created.
Could it impact things?

> 4> Is there something really silly going on like your
> restart scripts delete the index directory? Or you're
> using a VM that restores a blank image?

No VM, no scripts, no replication.

> 5> When you do restart, are there any files at all
> in your index directory?

When I restart tomcat I do see all the same 89G files that was created
using the embedded server, they only vanish when I force a commit or
optimize, then it's like if my data directory didn't exist and the 2
initial segment files are being created and all the rest deleted.

> I really suspect you've got some configuration problem
> here....

Maybe, but other than playing with the compound file thingy I don't
have any fancy config changes.



> Best
> Erick
> On Mon, Aug 13, 2012 at 9:11 AM, Jonatan Fournier
> <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm using Solr 4.0.0-ALPHA and the EmbeddedSolrServer.
>> Within my SolrJ application, the documents are added to the server
>> using the commitWithin parameter (in my case 60s). After 1 day my 125
>> millions document are all added to the server and I can see 89G of
>> index data files. I stop my SolrJ application and reload my Solr
>> instance in Tomcat.
>> From the Solr admin panel related to my Core (collection1) I see this info:
>> Last Modified:
>> Num Docs:0
>> Max Doc:0
>> Version:1
>> Segment Count:0
>> Optimized: (green check)
>> Current:  (green check)
>> Master:
>> Version: 0
>> Gen: 1
>> Size: 88.14 GB
>> From the general Core Admin panel I see:
>> lastModified:
>> version:1
>> numDocs:0
>> maxDoc:0
>> optimized: (red circle)
>> current: (green check)
>> hasDeletions: (red circle)
>> If I query my index for *:* I get 0 result. If I trigger optimize it
>> wipes ALL my data inside the index and reset to empty. I've played
>> around my EmbeddedServer initially using autoCommit/softCommit and it
>> was working fine. Now that I've switched to commitWithin the document
>> add query, it always do that! I'm never able to reload my index within
>> Tomcat/Solr.
>> Any idea?
>> Cheers,
>> /jonathan

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