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From András Bártházi <>
Subject Re: Solritas in production
Date Wed, 09 May 2012 07:55:54 GMT

Solritas (Velocity Response Writer) is NOT intended for production use. The
> simple reason, apart from that it is not production grade quality, is that
> it requires direct access to the Solr instance, as it is simply a response
> writer. You MUST use a separate front end layer above Solr and never expose
> Solr directly to the world. So you should feel totally comfortable
> continuing to use Solr over HTTP from PHP!

Thanks for the response, we're agree.

Here is our situation, a bit more detailed.

I see only one reason to use Solritas:

   - a Solritas only solution, the architecture is more simple, and a bit
   faster as Symfony has 50-100 ms overhead

But I see a lot for NOT using:

   - a very basic (and a bit outdated) documentation
   - it's 3-4 years old technology, but no mention on the net about it -
   I've found about 3 mentions to use it for prototyping, seems to be nobody
   using it, nobody has questions about it
   - have found no public site using it
   - it's a template engine based solution, it has no framework around it
   (like Symfony - I miss a lot of features), it's a view - and implementing
   logic in a view layer is not a best practice (some logic can be implemented
   using Java code, but it will still belong to the view layer, and
   - it's a MODEL (a search query)->VIEW solution with almost no
   controller, Symfony is a full MVC framework
   - there can be only one search query on a page, and as we have pages
   with 3 different queries, and these pages are SEO related, it seems to be
   not possible to solve it with Solritas (using AJAX may be a solution if SEO
   would not be important)
   - we have a lot of PHP based logic (just some basic examples: processing
   URLs, generating titles), some needs database access as well, porting it to
   Velocity seems to be a huge task if it's possible at all
   - some parts, like our autosuggest solutions may be ported to Solritas
   easily, however it may need changing our quite complex client side
   JavaScript code, and seems to be a less maintainable situation for our
   programmers have direct access to the PHP code only
   - we have tasks those need the search engine, but have no frontend at
   all, like sending emails with search results based on saved queries, and
   previously sent results (do not send the same results again)

I may have not listed all my points, but these may be show my point of view.


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