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From neosky <>
Subject Further questions about behavior in ReversedWildcardFilterFactory
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2012 14:01:54 GMT
I ask the question in
However, when I do some implementation, I get a further questions.
1. Suppose I don't use ReversedWildcardFilterFactory in the index time, it
seems that Solr doesn't allow the leading wildcard search, it will return
the error:
org.apache.lucene.queryParser.ParseException: Cannot parse
'sequence:*AAAAA*': '*' or '?' not allowed as first character in
But when I use the ReversedWildcardFilterFactory, I can use the *AAAAA* in
the query. But as I know, the ReversedWildcardFilterFactory should work in
the index part, should not affect the query behavior. If it is true, how
does this happen?
2.Based on the question above 
suppose I have those tokens in index.
suppose I use the lucene, I can set the QueryParser with
AllowLeadingWildcard(true), to search *MNO*
it should return the tokens above(1-5)
But in solr, when I conduct the *MNO* with the ReversedWildcardFilterFactory 
in the index, but use the StandardAnalyzer in the query, I don't know what
happens here.
The leading *MNO should be fast to match the 5 with
The tailer MNO* should be fast to match 4
But What about *MNO* ?

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