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From Marian Steinbach <>
Subject Re: Zero Matches Weirdness
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2012 20:25:56 GMT
2012/2/3 Erik Hatcher <>:
> As for Marian's issue... was there literally a + in the query or was that urlencoded?
  Try debugQuery=true for both queries and see what you get for the query parsing output.

I tested both + and %20 with and without quotes, it doesn't make a
difference whether I use + or %20.

Here is the debug output for the unquoted version (zero hits):

debug: {
   rawquerystring: "Am Heidstamm",
   querystring: "Am Heidstamm",
   parsedquery: "+((DisjunctionMaxQuery((aktenzeichen:Am^10.0))
DisjunctionMaxQuery((text:heidstamm^0.1 | betreff:heidstamm^3.0 |
   parsedquery_toString: "+(((aktenzeichen:Am^10.0)
(text:heidstamm^0.1 | betreff:heidstamm^3.0 |
   QParser: "ExtendedDismaxQParser",

And for the quoted version (with hits):

   rawquerystring: ""Am Heidstamm"",
   querystring: ""Am Heidstamm"",
   parsedquery: "+DisjunctionMaxQuery((text:heidstamm^0.1 |
betreff:heidstamm^3.0 | aktenzeichen:Am Heidstamm^10.0))",
   parsedquery_toString: "+(text:heidstamm^0.1 | betreff:heidstamm^3.0
| aktenzeichen:Am Heidstamm^10.0)",
   explain: { },
   QParser: "ExtendedDismaxQParser",

As it seems to me, the "+(((aktenzeichen:Am^10.0) (text:heidstamm^0.1
| betreff:heidstamm^3.0 | aktenzeichen:Heidstamm^10.0))~2)" condition
cannot be fulfilled. I have "AND" as the detault operator. The term
"(aktenzeichen:Am^10.0)" cannot be satisfied. The thing is: why does
it even appear there?

This is my current qf:

   betreff^5.0 aktenzeichen^10.0 body^0.2 text^0.1

I have just changed this to only


for the sake of testing, and then it works.

It seems as if I haven't quite understood the impact of qf. I thought
it would allow me to boost the score based on a string appearing in a
field. I didn't expect it to affect what matches and what doesnt.


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