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From prasenjit mukherjee <>
Subject Re: Solr on netty
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2012 16:19:17 GMT
Thanks for the response.

Yes we have 16 shards/partitions each on 16 different nodes and a
separate master Solr receiving continuous parallel requests from 10
client threads running on a single separate machine.
Our observation was that the perf degraded non linearly as the load (
no of concurrent clients ) increased.

Have some followup questions :

1.  What is the default maxnumber of threads configured when a Solr
instance make calls to other 16 partitions ?

2. How do I increase the max no of connections for solr<-->solr
interactions as u mentioned in your mail ?

On 2/22/12, Yonik Seeley <> wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 9:27 AM, prasenjit mukherjee
> <> wrote:
>> Is anybody aware of any effort regarding porting solr to a netty ( or
>> any other async-io based framework ) based framework.
>> Even on medium load ( 10 parallel clients )  with 16 shards
>> performance seems to deteriorate quite sharply compared another
>> alternative ( async-io based ) solution as load increases.
> By "16 shards" do you mean you have 16 nodes and each single client
> request causes a distributed search across all of them them?  How many
> concurrent requests are your 10 clients making to each node?
> NIO works well when there are many clients, but when servicing those
> client requests only needs intermittent CPU.  That's not the pattern
> we see for search.
> You *can* easily configure Solr's Jetty to use NIO when accepting
> client connections, but it won't do you any good, just as switching to
> Netty wouldn't do anything here.
> Where NIO could help a little is with the requests that Solr makes to
> other Solr instances.  Solr is already architected for async
> request-response to other nodes, but the current underlying
> implementation uses HttpClient 3 (which doesn't have NIO).
> Anyway, it's unlikely that NIO vs BIO will make much of a difference
> with the numbers you're talking about (16 shards).
> Someone else reported that we have the number of connections per host
> set too low, and they saw big gains by increasing this.  There's an
> issue open to make this configurable in 3x:
> We should probably up the max connections per host by default.
> -Yonik

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