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From Andre Bois-Crettez <>
Subject Re: Building a resilient cluster
Date Wed, 29 Feb 2012 09:20:26 GMT
You have to run ZK on a at least 3 different machines for fault
tolerance (a ZK ensemble).

Ranjan Bagchi wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm interested in setting up a solr cluster where each machine [at least
> initially] hosts a separate shard of a big index [too big to sit on the
> machine].  I'm able to put a cloud together by telling it that I have (to
> start out with) 4 nodes, and then starting up nodes on 3 machines pointing
> at the zkInstance.  I'm able to load my sharded data onto each machine
> individually and it seems to work.
> My concern is that it's not fault tolerant:  if one of the non-zookeeper
> machines falls over, the whole cluster won't work.  Also, I can't create a
> shard with more data, and have it work within the existing cloud.
> I tried using -DshardId=shard5 [on an existing 4-shard cluster], but it
> just started replicating, which doesn't seem right.
> Are there ways around this?
> Thanks,
> Ranjan Bagchi

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