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From Damien Camilleri <>
Subject Re: Is Sphinx better suited to me, or should I look at Solr?
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2012 01:07:52 GMT
I gave up on sphinx and went to solr. I feel it is more mature. For example, sphinx didn't
have an auto start init script and they tried to hit me up for consultancy fees cos I asked
a simple question.

I use php and use solarium php client. Nice oop interface.

Solr has a great community. My initial struggles were with getting it running, mostly because
I don't know much about tomcat and it didn't just work for me as documented, but once i stumbled
through it was ok.

My search results accross 200k documents is instant on a small 512mb rackspacecloud instance
so you will have no probs at all using solr for your needs.

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On 21/02/2012, at 3:32 AM, Em <> wrote:

> Hi James,
> I can not speak for Sphinx, since I never used it.
> However, from reading your requirements there is nothing that fears Solr.
> Although Sphinx is written in C++, running Solr on top of a HotSpot JVM
> gives you high performance. Furthermore the HotSpot JVM is optimizing
> your code at runtime which sometimes allows long-running applications to
> run as fast as software written in C++ (and sometimes even faster).
> Given that Solr is pretty fast and scalable (90k docs are a really small
> index), you should have a closer look at the features each search-server
> provides to you and how they suit your needs.
> You should always keep in mind that users will gladly wait a few
> milliseconds longer for their highly-relevant search-results, but do not
> care about a blazing fast 5ms response-time for a collection of
> trash-results.
> So try to find out what your concrete needs in terms of relevancy are
> and which search-server provides you the tools to go.
> I am pretty sure that both projects provide you php-client-libraries
> etc. for indexing and searching (Solr does).
> Kind regards,
> Em
> Am 20.02.2012 16:20, schrieb Spadez:
>> I am creating what is effectively a search engine. Content is collected via
>> spiders at
>> then is inserted into my database and becomes searchable and filterable.
>> I invision there being around 90K records to be searched at any one time.
>> The content is
>> blog posts and forum posts so we are basically looking at full text with
>> some additional
>> filters based on location, category and date posted.
>> What is really important to me is speed and relevancy. The index size or
>> index time
>> really isn’t too big of an issue. From the benchmarks I have seen it looks
>> like Sphinx
>> is much faster at querying data and showing results, but that Solr has
>> improved relevancy.
>> My website is coded entirely in PHP and I am planning on using a MYSQL
>> database. Can
>> anyone please give me a bit of input and help me decide which product might
>> be better
>> suited to me.
>> Regards,
>> James
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