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From asv - gmail <>
Subject Re[2]: Is complex query like this possible?
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2012 19:59:28 GMT
Hello, Mikhail.

Each index record looks like:


This record represents folder /root/folder1/folder2/folder3


This is a file /root/folder1/folder2/folder3/image.jpg

E. g. PATH is a path to parent directory, NAME is actual name of file/folder. We do not store
list of children in folder record (like in your solution). Also, in my previous example a
file of specified type may be deeper than one level: if there are /root/folder1, /root/folder2
and file /root/folder1/aaa/bbb/ccc/image.jpg, and I query for "folder", only folder1 must
be returned.   


2012/2/1, 21:33:41:

Hello Sergey,

if your docs looks like:

you can search it: 
+PATH:test1 +FILES:jpg

2012/2/1 Sergei Ananko <>


We use Solr to search over a filesystem, so there are a lot of files and folders indexed,
name and path of each file are stored in different fields. The task is to find folders by
name AND containing at least one file of specific type somewhere inside. For example, we search
by phrase "test" and for JPG files and have two folders:

1) "test1" - empty folder
2) "test2" - contains 1 file "abcd.jpg" inside.

Search result must only contain folder "test2", because "test1" does not correspond to second

SQL equivalent of such search query looks like:

SELECT * FROM indexed_files t1 WHERE LIKE '%test%' AND (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM indexed_files
t2 WHERE t2.path LIKE CONCAT(t1.path, '%') AND LIKE '%jpg') > 0;

The question is: is it possible to do such search in Solr by single query? Single query is
important because we need to use Solr's paging ("start" and "rows" parameters), so we should
avoid filtering of wrong results in our code. I've read Solr wiki about nested queries but
haven't found a way to do it. BTW, does Solr provide equivalent of "SELECT COUNT(*)" statement
to access count of found records directly in Solr query? Or such complex query is completely

Best regards,

Sincerely yours
Mikhail Khludnev
Lucid Certified
Apache Lucene/Solr Developer
Grid Dynamics

С Ñ?важением,
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