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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Problem with facet.fields
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2012 18:12:02 GMT

: So multivalued URL params are not taken in account.
: I'm using Jetty and Solrj with EmbeddedSolrServer implementation.
: Trying it using the "normal" http version does work, so you're right
: it's a problem with the client library.
: Any idea why it would refuse multivalued parameters?

i don't really understand what "Jetty and Solrj with EmbeddedSolrServer" 
means ... if you're running in EmbeddedSolrServer then i don't udnerstand 
how you are using Jetty.  that also doens't really explain what your 
client code looks like, and where you are are puttting those "URLs" if you 
are interacting with Solr via EmbeddedSolrServer.

underingstanding what mistake might existing the client layer w/o *seeing* 
the client code is really just taking a shot i nthe dark, but if i had to 
guess i would suppose that somwhere you are putting your request params 
into a simple java.util.Map and letting the keys overwrite one another.


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