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From Robert Stewart <>
Subject using pre-core properties in dih config
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2012 17:33:39 GMT
I have a multi-core setup, and for each core I have a shared
data-config.xml which specifies a SQL query for data import.  What I
want to do is have the same data-config.xml file shared between my
cores (linked to same physical file). I'd like to specify core
properties in solr.xml such that each core loads a different set of
data from SQL.  So my query might look like this:

query="select * from index_values where mod(index_id,${NUM_CORES})=${CORE_ID}"

So I want to have NUM_CORES and CORE_ID specified as properties in
solr.xml, something like:

<solr ...>
  <cores ..>
     <property name="NUM_CORES" value="3"/>
     <core name="index0" ...>
        <property name="CORE_ID" value="0"/>
     <core name="index1" ...>
        <property name="CORE_ID" value="1"/>
     <core name="index2" ...>
        <property name="CORE_ID" value="2"/>


So my question is, is this possible, and if so what is exact syntax to
make it work?


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