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From Michael Kuhlmann <>
Subject Re: Too many open files
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2012 16:40:07 GMT
Hi Jonty,

no, not really. When we first had such problems, we really thought that 
the number of open files is the problem, so we implemented an algorithm 
that performed an optimize from time to time to force a segment merge. 
Due to some misconfiguration, this ran too often. With the result that 
an optimize was issued before thje previous optimization was finished, 
which is a really bad idea.

We removed the optimization calls, and since then we didn't have any 
more problems.

However, I never found out the initial reason for the exception. Maybe 
there was some bug in Solr's 3.1 version - we're using 3.5 right now -, 
but I couldn't find a hint in the changelog.

At least we didn't have this exception for more than two months now, so 
I'm hoping that the cause for this has disappeared somehow.

Sorry that I can't help you more.


On 24.01.2012 07:48, Jonty Rhods wrote:
> Hi Kuli,
> Did you get the solution of this problem? I am still facing this problem.
> Please help me to overcome this problem.
> regards
> On Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 1:16 PM, Michael Kuhlmann<>  wrote:
>> Hi;
>> we have a similar problem here. We already raised the file ulimit on the
>> server to 4096, but this only defered the problem. We get a
>> TooManyOpenFilesException every few months.
>> The problem has nothing to do with real files. When we had the last
>> TooManyOpenFilesException, we investigated with netstat -a and saw that
>> there were about 3900 open sockets in Jetty.
>> Curiously, we only have one SolrServer instance per Solr client, and we
>> only have three clients (our running web servers).
>> We have set defaultMaxConnectionsPerHost to 20 and maxTotalConnections
>> to 100. There should be room enough.
>> Sorry that I can't help you, we still have not solved tghe problem on
>> our own.
>> Greetings,
>> Kuli
>> Am 25.10.2011 22:03, schrieb Jonty Rhods:
>>> Hi,
>>> I am using solrj and for connection to server I am using instance of the
>>> solr server:
>>> SolrServer server =  new CommonsHttpSolrServer("
>>> http://localhost:8080/solr/core0");
>>> I noticed that after few minutes it start throwing exception
>>> Too many open files.
>>> It seems that it related to instance of the HttpClient. How to resolved
>> the
>>> instances to a certain no. Like connection pool in dbcp etc..
>>> I am not experienced on java so please help to resolved this problem.
>>>   solr version: 3.4
>>> regards
>>> Jonty

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