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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Images for the DataImportHandler page
Date Mon, 12 Dec 2011 22:52:23 GMT

: There is some very useful information on the 
: page about indexing 
: database contents, but the page contains three images whose links are 
: broken. The descriptions of those images sound like it would be quite 
: handy to see them in the page. Could someone please fix the links so the 
: images are displayed?

Images, and all attachments in general, were disabled some time back for 
all of  Pages that still refer/link to old attachments 
just never got updated after the fact to reflect this.

ASF Infra has a policy permitting individual wiki's to re-enable 
attachment support, but doing so would require switching the entire wiki 
over to a new ACL model, where only people who had been granted explicit 
access to perform edits would be allowed to do so.

My personal opinion is that i'd rather have a low barrier for editing the 
wiki (ie: register and do a textcha) and live w/o images; rather then have 
images, but have a high barrier to editing (ie: register, ask for 
edit permission from a committer, *and* do textchas).  But i'm open to 
other suggestions...


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