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From Max <>
Subject How can I check if a more complex query condition matched?
Date Tue, 27 Dec 2011 11:18:35 GMT
I have a more complex query condition like this:

(city:15 AND country:60)^4 OR city:15^2 OR country:60^2

What I want to achive with this query is basically if a document has
city = 15 AND country = 60 it is more important then another document
which only has city = 15 OR country = 60

Furhtermore I want to show in my results view why a certain document
matched, something like "matched city and country" or "matched city
only" or "matched country only".

This is a bit of an simplified example, but the question remains: how
can solr tell me which of the conditions in the query matched? If I
match against a simple field only, I can get away with highlight
fields, but conditions spanning multiple fields seem much more tricky.

Thanks for any ideas on this!

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