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From "Poulton, Gareth | Gareth | DU" <>
Subject Doing a search inside an UpdateRequestProcessor
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2011 07:06:59 GMT
I'm still fairly new to solr, so please bear with me.
I'm having an amount of difficulty doing a search inside an update request processor (as in,
solr.update.processor.UpdateRequestProcessorChain ) that I'm trying to write. As far as I
can see there's two main options, each of which is presenting a problem for me:

(1) Getting a searcher from req, i.e. SolrIndexSearcher searcher = req.getSearcher(). The
problem here is that I don't see how to get a SolrDocumentList or similar from this, only
regular Lucene schema-less Documents.

(2) Using solrj by doing a SolrServer server = new EmbeddedSolrServer(req.getCore());. The
problem here is that (a) it uses a deprecated constructor, and (b) creating a new SolrServer
on every request seems wasteful - I'd like to be able to just create one once ever without
having to do anything unpleasant with static variables or modifying code outside of the class
that I'm writing, if possible.

So, if anyone can shed light on how to any of (a) get a SolrDocumentList from a SolrIndexSearcher,
(b) the procedure to combine a Schema and a Lucene Document to retrieve the results into something
useful, (c) if there's already any SolrServer instances somewhere global that I can get a
handle to, or (d) if there's an approved way of persisting objects in RequestProcessors across
queries, then that would be great.


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