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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject Re: is there a way to know which mm value was used?
Date Wed, 05 Oct 2011 15:58:23 GMT
On 10/5/2011 9:06 AM, elisabeth benoit wrote:
> thanks for answering.
> echoParams just echos mm value in solrconfig.xml (in my case mm = 4<-1
> 6<-2), not the actual value of mm for one particular request.
> I think would be very useful to be able to know which mm value was
> effectively used, in particular for request with stopwords.
> It's of course possible to calculate mm in my own code, but this would
> necessitate to be synchronize with mm default value in solrconfig.xml + with
> stopwords.txt + identifying all stopwords in request.

Just tried this on a Solr 3.4.0 server.  I have an edismax handler that 
includes echoParams, set to "all", as well as an mm parameter, set to 
"2<-1 4<-50%".  If I send a request with no mm parameter, that value is 
reflected in the response.  When I add "&mm=50%25" to the URL in my 
browser (%25 being the URL encoding for the percent symbol), the 
response changes the mm value to "50%" as expected, overriding the value 
in solrconfig.xml.  I have not tried it with SolrJ or any of the other 
client APIs, just a browser.

Is this not happening for you?


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