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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Search by range in multivalued fields
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2011 18:43:03 GMT

if you remove the single quotes from your query syntax it should work.

in general using multivalued fields where you want to coordinate matches 
based on the position in the multivalued field (ie: a multivalued list of 
author first names and a multivalued lsit of author lastnames and you want 
any doc where an author is named "john smith") isn't really possible -- 
but in your case you don't seem to really care about coordinating by 
position of the values in the multivalued field, because you have "codes" 
for hte companies as a prefix, so it doesn't matter where in the list it 

If i'm missudnerstaninding your question, you'll need to explain better 
what docs you wnat to match, and what docs you *don't* want to match.

: I have a solr core with job records and one guy can work in different
: companies in
: a specific range of "dateini" to "dateend".
: <doc>  
:   <arr name="companyinimultivaluefield">
:         <companyini>IBM10012005<companyini>
:         <companyini>APPLE10012005<companyini>
:   </arr>  
:   <arr name="companyendmultivaluefield">
:         <companyend>IBM10012005<companyend>
:         <companyend>APPLE10012005<companyend>
:   </arr>    
:  </doc>  
: Is possible to make a range query on a multivalue field over text fields.
: For instance something like that.
: companyinimultivaluefield['IBM10012005' TO *] AND 
: companyendmultivaluefield['IBM10012005' TO *]


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