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From Jamie Johnson <>
Subject Post Processing Solr Results
Date Sun, 28 Aug 2011 15:39:54 GMT
I have a need to post process Solr results based on some access
controls which are setup outside of Solr, currently we've written
something that extends SearchComponent and in the prepare method I'm
doing something like this

                    QueryWrapperFilter qwf = new
	            Filter filter = new CustomFilter(qwf);
	            FilteredQuery fq = new FilteredQuery(rb.getQuery(), filter);

Inside my CustomFilter I have a FilteredDocIdSet which checks if the
document should be returned.  This works as I expect but for some
reason is very very slow.  Even if I take out any of the machinery
which does any logic with the document and only return true in the
FilteredDocIdSets match method the query still takes an inordinate
amount of time as compared to not including this custom filter.  So my
question, is this the most appropriate way of handling this?  What
should the performance out of such a setup be expected to be?  Any
information/pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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