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From alexander sulz <>
Subject Re: Solr 3.3 crashes after ~18 hours?
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2011 12:09:25 GMT
Thank you for the many replies!

Like I said, I couldn't find anything in logs created by solr.
I just had a look at the /var/logs/messages and there wasn't anything 

What I mean by crash is that the process is still there and http GET 
pings would return 200
but when i try visiting /solr/admin, I'd get a blank page! The server 
ignores any incoming updates or commits,
thous throwing no errors, no 503's.. It's like the server has a blackout 
and stares blankly into space.

I just gave allocated more memory like proposed and will keep an eye on 
it if the problem still persists.

Thank you guys, you are awesome.

Am 02.08.2011 15:23, schrieb Fran├žois Schiettecatte:
> Assuming you are running on Linux, you might want to check /var/log/messages too (the
location might vary), I think the kernel logs forced process termination there. I recall that
the kernel will usually picks the process consuming the most memory, there may be other factors
involved too.
> Fran├žois
> On Aug 2, 2011, at 9:04 AM, wakemaster 39 wrote:
>> Monitor your memory usage.  I use to encounter a problem like this before
>> where nothing was in the logs and the process was just gone.
>> Turned out my system was out odd memory and swap got used up because of
>> another process which then forced the kernel to start killing off processes.
>> Google OOM linux and you will find plenty of other programs and people with
>> a similar problem.
>> Cameron
>> On Aug 2, 2011 6:02 AM, "alexander sulz"<>  wrote:
>>> Hello folks,
>>> I'm using the latest stable Solr release ->  3.3 and I encounter strange
>>> phenomena with it.
>>> After about 19 hours it just crashes, but I can't find anything in the
>>> logs, no exceptions, no warnings,
>>> no suspicious info entries..
>>> I have an index-job running from 6am to 8pm every 10 minutes. After each
>>> job there is a commit.
>>> An optimize-job is done twice a day at 12:15pm and 9:15pm.
>>> Does anyone have an idea what could possibly be wrong or where to look
>>> for further debug info?
>>> regards and thank you
>>> alex

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