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From "Jaeger, Jay - DOT" <>
Subject RE: master unreachable - attempting simple replication
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2011 13:07:01 GMT
I'd suggest looking at the logs of the master to see if the request is getting thru or not,
or if there are any errors logged there.  If the master has a replication config error, it
might show up there.

We just went thru some master/slave troubleshooting.  Here are some things that you might
look at:

Does slave replication work when it is local to the master?  If not, debug that first.

The browser might be using an http proxy.  I don't know of Solr pays attention to the http_proxy
environment variable.

Your master might require a user ID, password (and realm), but you haven't provided it in
the slave config.

What container is your master running in?  Under some containers (e.g. WebSphere) you need
to add some stuff to web.xml, or replication will fail with a 404 -- but work OK from a browser
AFTER accessing the admin page, because the container does not know about /replication or
/core-name/replication because there isn't anything for that in web.xml.  Once you authenticate,
this problem disappears.  (This was what we ran into, solution documented earlier this week
on the list).

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From: Martin Ostrovsky [] 
Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2011 12:27 PM
Subject: master unreachable - attempting simple replication 

I've got a master set up on a public IP and I'm using my laptop as the slave, just trying
to get a simple replication going. When I'm on my slave machine and I look at the replication
tab of the admin, it says my master is unreachable, however, I can hit the master's replication
handler using the public IP through a browser.

I thought it might be a DNS issue so instead of using the domain name, I switched to the raw
IP, still no luck, says master is unreachable.

Definitely not firewall rules either.

Where can I look to see what's causing the failure?


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