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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: omitTermFreq only?
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2011 22:24:14 GMT

: Sorry I should have made the objectives clear. The goal is to reduce the 
: index size by avoiding TermFrequency stored in the index (in .frq 
: segment files).

Hmmm... why?

you're talking about eliminating a single (compressed) int per term, and 
yet you want positions which take up a lot more space (at a minimum, even 
if each term only appears once in a single document, that's already as 
much space as the frequencies)

on anything except a toy index, eliminating freq while keeping positions 
(if it were possible) is unlikely to even noticably affect the index size.

what is the motivation for your objective?  

If your main motivation is to just "to reduce index size", then perhaps 
tell us more about your configuration/use cases and maybe we can offer 
alternative suggestions.
XY Problem

Your question appears to be an "XY Problem" ... that is: you are dealing
with "X", you are assuming "Y" will help you, and you are asking about "Y"
without giving more details about the "X" so that we can understand the
full issue.  Perhaps the best solution doesn't involve "Y" at all?
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