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From Gora Mohanty <>
Subject Re: Preserve XML hierarchy
Date Fri, 15 Jul 2011 06:11:05 GMT
On Thu, Jul 14, 2011 at 8:43 PM, Lucas Miguez <> wrote:
> Thanks for your help!
> DIH XPathEntityProcessor helps me to index the XML Files, but, does it
> help to me to know from where the node comes? Following the example in
> my previous post:
>>> example: Imagine that the user search the word "zona", then I have to
>>> show the TitleP, the TextP, the TitlePart, the TextPart and all the
>>> TextSubPart that are childs of gSubPart.
> Well, I tried to create TextPart, TitlePart, etc with the XPath
> expression of the location in the original XML, using dynamic fields,
> for example:
> <dynamic field="TextPart *" multivalued="true" indexed="true" ... />

There should not be a space between "TextPart" and "*"

> to have the XPath associated with the field, but I don't know how to
> search in all "TextPart *" fields...

You can search in individual fields, e.g., with ?q=TitlePart:myterm.
For searching in all "TextPart*" fields, the easiest way probably is
to copy the fields into a full-text search field. With the default Solr
schema, this can be done by adding a directive like
   <copyField source="TextPart*"  dest="text" />
This copies all fields into the field "text", which is searched by
default. Thus, ?q=myterm will find "myterm" in all "TextPart*"


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