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From "Yuriy Akopov" <>
Subject Re: Building Solr 3.2 from sources - can't get war
Date Sun, 19 Jun 2011 20:37:40 GMT
> In the checked out lucene (either trunk or one of the 3.x branches) source 
> is a solr/ directory.  You just cd into that directory, and dist-war 
> becomes a build option.

Thanks, Shawn! That worked and by invoking dist-war build I have received 
apache-solr-4.0-SNAPSHOT.war file successfully - but judging by its name it 
is a current 4.0 snapshot rather than stable 3.2.

Alas, 4.0 doesn't suit me for two reasons: first, it is still experimental 
and hasn't been released yet (at least as far as I know) and second, it 
supports field collapsing natively, so it doesn't need to be patched. The 
problem is that the parameters Solr 4.0 uses to control collapsing are not 
compatible with the ones added by SOLR-236 patch so I have to rewrite my 
client application as well. Which is surely inevitable sooner or later but 
until 4.0 is released I'd prefer stick to earlier version.

So I need an advice once again - which folder I need to checkout to get 3.2 
source code? Is it clear with 1.4.1 (.../tags/release-1.4.1 is obvious 
enough), and turned out to contain 4.0. Surely my question is 
silly but I can't figure out how can I get Solr 3.2 buildable source code.


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