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From Alexey Serba <>
Subject Re: Solr memory consumption
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2011 21:56:01 GMT
> Commits  are  divided  into  2  groups:
> - often but small (last changed
> info)
1) Make sure that it's not too often and you don't have commit
overlapping problem.

2) You may also try to limit cache sizes and check if it helps.

3) If it doesn't help then try to monitor your app using jconsole
* try to hit garbage collector and see if it frees some memory
* browse solr jmx attributes and see if there'r any hints re solr
caches usage, etc

4) Try to run jmap -heap -histo and see if there's any hints there

5) If none of above helps then you probably need to examine your
memory usage using some kind of java profiler tool (like yourkit

> Size: 4 databases about 1G (sum), 1 database (with n-gram) for 21G..
> I  don't  know any other way to search for product names except n-gram
> =\
Standard text field with solr.WordDelimiterFilterFactory and
generateWordParts="1" generateNumberParts="1" catenateWords="1"
catenateNumbers="1" catenateAll="1" splitOnCaseChange="1" during
indexing isn't good enough? You might want to limit min and max ngram
size, just to reduce your index size.

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