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From Renaud Delbru <>
Subject Re: Search across related/correlated multivalue fields in Solr
Date Wed, 27 Apr 2011 18:37:17 GMT
Hi Jason,

On 27/04/11 19:25, Jason Rutherglen wrote:
> Renaud,
> Can you provide a brief synopsis of how your system works?

SIREn provides a new "field type" for Solr. In this particular SIREn 
field, the data is not a piece of text, but is organised in a table. 
Then, SIREn provides query objects to query a specific cell (or group of 
cell) of this table, a specific row (or group of rows), etc.

So, let's take the example of ronotica,
you want to index a 1:N relationships between students and educations.
Your Solr document will look like:
doc {
   student_id: 100
   firstname: john
   lastname: doe
   education: {
     [[2008], [OHIO_ST]],
     [[2010]], [YALE]]

where student_id, firstname and lastname are normal solr fields, and 
education is a siren field. This field represents a table with two 
columns, degreeYear and Institution, and where each row represent an 
entry, or record, associated to the student.

Then, you can use SIREn to query a document having a row matching 2010 
and Yale. In this case, SIREn will not return you the john doe student.

I hope my brief synopsis and example is clear,
let me know if there is something that you don't understand (maybe in 

Renaud Delbru

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