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From Paul Libbrecht <>
Subject Re: manual background re-indexing
Date Fri, 29 Apr 2011 09:15:55 GMT
I understand that multicores allows met o create two cores which are just normal solr-homes.
That's easy.

However I'm only interested to the reload command and, in particular, to reload the underlying
index segment files.

Do I understand correctly that the following is what I should do?
- still make my setting multicore and get the core-admin requesthandler to work, even with
one core
- attempt the reload with a change of solrconfig or schema
- do the reload of data by changing the index-segment-path in the config as an example of
the above

thanks to clarify


Le 29 avr. 2011 à 03:12, Erick Erickson a écrit :

> You simply create two cores. One in solr/cores/core1 and another in
> solr/cores/core2
> They each have a separate conf and data directory,and the index in in
> core#/data/index.
> Really, its' just introducing one more level. You can experiment just
> by configuring a core
> and copying your index to solr/cores/yourcore/data/index. After, of
> course, configuring
> Solr.xml to understand cores.

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