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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Solr Admin Interface, reworked - Go on? Go away?
Date Wed, 02 Mar 2011 22:32:15 GMT

: given that fact that my java-knowledge is sort of non-existing .. my idea was
: to rework the Solr Admin Interface.

Contributions of all kinds are welcome!

: Actually it's completly work-in-progress .. but i'm interested in what you
: guys think. Right direction? Completly Wrong, just drop it?

I think it looks awesome

: It's actually using one index.jsp to generate to basic frame, including cores
: and their navigation. Everything else is loaded via existing SolrAdminHandler.

This is the exact approach that's been discussed in the past (but no one 
has really had a chance to tackle yet) ... eliminating the use of JSPs, 
and relying entirely on HTML and Javascript (or the 
VelocityResponseWriter) to style the output from the existing Admin 
RequestHandlers -- that way we can be confident that all info available in 
the admin UI (and all functionality it performs) can be achieved by remote 
clients using those same request handlers.

By all means -- keep working on this, and (as someone else already 
mentioned) please don't hesitate to attach your work in progress stuff to 
a Jira issue (where others can help provide feedback not only on the 
screenshots, but also the implementation)

If you run into any issues where you can't replicate something 
in the existing JSPs (or accomplish some new desirable functionality)
because the info is not available from a request handler, don't hesitate 
to open feature request jiras to get the functionality added (and the 
folks with java know how can work on patches)


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