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From Jan Høydahl <>
Subject Re: Solr Admin Interface, reworked - Go on? Go away?
Date Thu, 03 Mar 2011 10:37:44 GMT

This is simply great! Bravo!

This alone is worthy including, but I also (of course) have some comments/ideas:

The links section on top:
 * Move the links on top to bottom, reserving the top for navigation.
 * The "send email" could be changed to "Community forum" and instead of linking to, link to
 * Add a link to IRC chat.
   That would surely increase the activity on the channel :)
 * Allow for custom links ala the admin-extra.html. Include html code from
   ${solr.solr.home}/admin-links.html - letting people add links to their own support etc.
 * Similarly for the top-section, allow including html code from
   ${solr.solr.home}/admin-navi.html - where you may add links to you "Master" Solr or whatever

Suggestion for new tabs for each core:
 * "Prototyping" - pointing to the "/browse" Velocity GUI. Very useful!!
 * "CoreAdmin" - Buttons "reload core", "remove core", "rename"...

In the "System" tab for each core, it would be great to show a number of key info:
 * # docs
 * Size of index (Mb)
 * Last add/delete timestamp
 * Optimized status (with a button to optimize now)
 * Button to reload core now (reloads config)

On the "Query" tab for each core:
 * Add a button "Delete docs matching this query"
   (With a JavaScript popup box "are you sure"? :)
 * Add an input box for "query type", setting the "qt" param
 * Adding a some links below the input boxes, expanding by JavaScript:
   - dismax params
   - spatial params
   - spellcheck params
   - faceting params

Should there also be a tab above all cores, with host-wide stuff?
 * Solr version
 * Host name, port
 * Solr HOME path
 * Zookeeper info and link
 * Core Admin (create new core)

Improve the admin-extra.html concept:
Today, if the file admin-extra.html exists it will be included near
top of current admin GUI. This can be useful, but in this new design, it
perhaps makes more sense to include the admin-extra.html contents in
a widget box on each core. Then each organization can customize and put
links to their internal issue trackers etc..

Include a Dev/Test/Prod indication:
It is common to have three different environments, one for test, one for
development and one live production. It happens now and then that you do the
wrong action on the wrong server :( so a visual clue as to which environemnt
you're in is very useful.
I propose a simple solid bar on the very top which is RED for prod, YELLOW
for test and GREEN for dev. Would it be possible to read a Java system property
-Dsolr.environment=dev and based on that set the color of such a top-bar?

Jan Høydahl, search solution architect
Cominvent AS -

On 2. mars 2011, at 21.47, Stefan Matheis wrote:

> Hi List,
> given that fact that my java-knowledge is sort of non-existing .. my idea was to rework
the Solr Admin Interface.
> Compared to CouchDBs Futon or the MongoDB Admin-Utils .. not that fancy, but it was an
idea few weeks ago - and i would like to contrib something, a thing which has to be non-java
but not useless - hopefully ;)
> Actually it's completly work-in-progress .. but i'm interested in what you guys think.
Right direction? Completly Wrong, just drop it?
> It's actually using one index.jsp to generate to basic frame, including cores and their
navigation. Everything else is loaded via existing SolrAdminHandler.
> Any Questions, Ideas, Thoughts outta there? Please, let me know :)
> Regards
> Stefan

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