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From "Robert Petersen" <>
Subject RE: Different options for autocomplete/autosuggestion
Date Mon, 14 Mar 2011 23:24:44 GMT
I am doing this very differently.  We are on solr 1.4.0 and I accomplish the collapsing in
my wrapper layer.  I have written a layer of code around SOLR, an indexer on one end and a
search service wrapping solrs on the other end.  I manually collapse the field in my code.
I keep both a collapsed and uncollapsed version of the phrase in my index, the uncollapsed
is the only one stored for retrieval btw.  I do this on both ends so I have complete control
here...  works well!   Different than a patch of course tho.

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From: [] On Behalf Of Kai Schlamp
Sent: Monday, March 14, 2011 2:12 PM
Subject: Re: Different options for autocomplete/autosuggestion

Robert, thanks for your answer. What Solr version do you use? 4.0?
As mentioned in my other post here I tried to patch 1.4 for using
field collapsing, but couldn't get it to work (compiled fine, but
collapsed parameters seems to be completely ignored).

2011/3/14 Robert Petersen <>:
> I like field collapsing because that way my suggestions gives phrase
> results (ie the suggestion starts with what the user has typed so far)
> and thus I limit suggestions to be in the order of the words typed.  I
> think that looks better for our retail oriented site.  I populate the
> index with previous user queries.  I just put wildcards on the end of
> the collapsed version what the user has typed so far.  It is very fast.
> I make suggestions for every keystroke as a user types in his query on
> our site.  Hope that helps.
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> From: Kai Schlamp []
> Sent: Sunday, March 13, 2011 11:14 PM
> To:
> Subject: Different options for autocomplete/autosuggestion
> Hi.
> There seems to be several options for implementing an
> autocomplete/autosuggestions feature with Solr. I am trying to
> summarize those possibilities together with their advantages and
> disadvantages. It would be really nice to read some of your opinions.
> * Using N-Gram filter + text field query
> + available in stable 1.4.x
> + results can be boosted
> + sorted by best matches
> - may return duplicate results
> * Facets
> + available in stable 1.4.x
> + no duplicate entries
> - sorted by count
> - may need an extra N-Gram field for infix queries
> * Terms
> + available in stable 1.4.x
> + infix query by using regex in 3.x
> - only prefix query in 1.4.x
> - regexp may be slow (just a guess)
> * Suggestions
> ? Did not try that yet. Does it allow infix queries?
> * Field Collapsing
> + no duplications
> - only available in 4.x branch
> ? Does it work together with highlighting? That would be a big plus.
> What are your experiences regarding autocomplete/autosuggestion with
> Solr? Any additions, suggestions or corrections? What do you prefer?
> Kai

Dr. med. Kai Schlamp
Am Fort Elisabeth 17
55131 Mainz
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