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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Best way for a query-expander?
Date Sat, 19 Feb 2011 00:18:41 GMT

: I want to implement a query-expander, one that enriches the input by the 
: usage of extra parameters that, for example, a form may provide.
: Is the right way to subclass SearchHandler?
: Or rather to subclass QueryComponent?

This smells like the poster child for an X/Y problem 
(or maybe an "X/(Y OR Z)" problem)...

if you can elaborate a bit more on the type of enrichment you want to do, 
it's highly likely that your goal can be met w/o needing to write a custom 
plugin (i'm thinking particularly of the multitudes of parsers solr 
already has, local params, and variable substitution)
XY Problem

Your question appears to be an "XY Problem" ... that is: you are dealing
with "X", you are assuming "Y" will help you, and you are asking about "Y"
without giving more details about the "X" so that we can understand the
full issue.  Perhaps the best solution doesn't involve "Y" at all?
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